The answer to your shipping problems

Why is localized service important?

As global supply chain disruption persists, threatening timely delivery to customers in advance of shippers’ pivotal peak season, it’s more important than ever to have a local presence. Find out how AirTerra provides this in our blog article.

How can I simplify my shipping strategy?

AirTerra uses Simplicity as it’s ethos, we offer a one-stop-shop for carrier diversification through simple contracts, billing, onboarding and visibility.

How can I improve the customer service experience?

Make it easy, provide options, be transparent, personalized the experience, follow up and follow through. We have all the details on how to keep your customers happy and returning for more.

What national carrier rate increases are expected in 2022?

As peak season begins and retailers work to get around allocations from the duopoly, they have to start planning for 2022 and the huge price increases from FedEx and UPS. Read our blog to find out everything that’s in store for the season.

How can I increase my parcel shipping capacity?

The future of the supply chain is carrier diversity. However, utilizing different carriers can mean extra contracts and paperwork, higher costs and surprise fees. Find out more in our blog article.

What questions are your customers asking about their deliveries?

Where is my package? Why do I have multiple tracking numbers for one order? I need additional help, what should I do? Find out how AirTerra answers these in the link below.