Carrier Diversification: Keep it Simple

According to the trade publication Freight Waves, “the parcel-delivery world of 2022 will look very much like it did in 2021…big carriers will hold the upper hand, and they will use their leverage to make hay while the sun shines. Volumes will remain elevated as e-commerce activity escalates to unprecedented levels. Demand will continue to exceed supply even though the national carriers are adding meaningful capacity to their networks and migrating to seven-day-a-week deliveries to improve fluidity.”

The article asserted that “last year, parcel shippers were advised to diversify their carrier bases in order to reduce their reliance on FedEx Corp. and UPS Inc. Heeding that call, however, was easier said than done.”

What they got wrong is the prediction that “it will likely be just as challenging next year,” because 2022 will actually be the year that the supply chain is disrupted. The big carriers will lose their stranglehold on small and mid-size retailers who are discovering that carrier diversification is now not only necessary but simple.

How can carrier diversification be simplified to offer a level playing field to small and mid-size retailers? AirTerra has found the way forward.

AirTerra is an innovative parcel shipping company that solves ecommerce challenges in a unique way so retailers and brands of all sizes can compete against the “big guys,” with:

  •   Access to more capacity
  •   Greater flexibility
  •   Simplified pricing, contracts, onboarding and carrier management
  •   No additional costs

By aggregating demand, utilizing a point-to-point network, and providing a choice of regional and last-mile delivery options, AirTerra deploys carrier diversification simplified for an efficient, cost-effective, end-to-end supply chain solution.

The new year will bring anything but the same-old for the supply chain. Carrier diversification simplified is ringing out the old with something new and better.