Frequently Asked Questions

Customer FAQ

Where is my package?

Your tracking activity link is available in the “package has shipped” email sent to you by your retailer. If you cannot locate it, you can track your package HERE.

Why do I have two tracking numbers?

The first is your AirTerra tracking number, which tracks your parcel from the retailer to your door. The second is the tracking number from the last mile carrier. If you are unable to receive your package and/or have a concern, you can reach out directly to the last mile carrier to get the issue resolved.

My package is late/delayed. What should I do?

We do our best to notify our retail partners if there are significant delays or delivery issues. If your package has not arrived and the status has not changed in 5-days time, please reach out to your retailer for assistance.

Can I change my delivery address once my package has shipped?

For security reasons, if your delivery address needs to be corrected or changed, please contact your retailer directly for options.

I still have a question. Who can help me?

For the fastest resolution, it is always best to start with the retailer you ordered your item(s) from. If you need to get in touch with AirTerra directly, please contact us HERE.

Are you hiring?

Yes! We’re always looking for the best and brightest! Check out AirTerra’s open job listings HERE.

Client FAQ

How do I get a shipping quote?

For an instant price quote, CLICK HERE to check out our price calculator. For a full price quote, please contact us HERE and one of our team members will reach out to you directly.

How do you determine pricing?

AirTerra provides “all-in” pricing. Our pricing is based on several factors, including distance from your distribution center to our sorting center, destination, and size of your parcel. Unlike the other guys, our pricing model means you won’t be hit with surprise surcharges later.

Why are your prices so low?

AirTerra aggregates demand across mid-size retailers, allowing us to gain scale in negotiating our pricing with final mile delivery providers. In addition, we utilize “zone skipping” in our middle mile delivery service, enabling us to save costs on every delivery, which we then pass on to our customers.

What is your average delivery time?

Delivery times vary based on destination, but on average, Ground XC delivers to Zone 7-8 in 4-7 days and FastPost delivers to Zone 7-8 in 4-7 days.

What is “middle mile” vs. “last mile” delivery?

Middle mile refers to the delivery zone between a fulfillment center in the city in which a parcel originates and the sortation center in the city where the customer is located. Last mile delivery is the movement of goods from the final sortation center near where the consumer is located to their doorstep.

Do you have a returns service?

We expect to launch our returns service later in 2022. Stay tuned for more information.

Are there size or weight restrictions for shipping my package?

AirTerra’s standard pricing assumes the package is less than 1 cubic foot in volume and less than 10lbs. For items that exceed this sizing, Exception Pricing will be added to the shipping cost.

Do you offer door to door delivery?

Yes, AirTerra provides delivery services from your fulfillment/distribution center to the customer’s door. While we directly manage the middle mile ourselves, we manage the end-to-end process across our carrier partners so you only have one point of contact and one tracking number for every parcel.

How do I track my parcel delivery?

Our certified labels provide full visibility and near real-time tracking to let you know where your parcels are at every point of the journey. Simply visit to find your parcel’s location.

Do you offer weekend pickups?

Yes, we pickup Monday-Saturday, and add Sunday pickups during holiday peak season.

Can my parcels be delivered on the weekend or holidays?

Weekend delivery is determined by last mile carriers and may vary throughout the year. Some partners provide Saturday delivery year-round, while others may add only for peak season. For more information on weekend delivery options, please contact our sales team HERE.

What time will my parcels be picked up?

We typically pickup parcels between 4-7pm from our shippers’ distribution centers; however we are able to adjust the time based on the shipper’s operational needs.

Carrier FAQ

How do I become a carrier for AirTerra?

Please send an email to and a representative will contact you.

What is the benefit of joining the AirTerra carrier network?

We simplify your path to growth. By joining AirTerra, you will get access to thousands of shipments without the hassle of finding new clients, negotiating contracts, and integrating with the clients.

What are the requirements for joining the AirTerra carrier network?

We work with carriers on a case-by-case basis to evaluate fit with our network, but general requirements include label integration, adherence to Service Level Agreements for consumers, and operational requirements around pickup and delivery times.