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Embrace “coopetition.” Brent Beabout, President & Founder of AirTerra says, and then partner with other businesses, to jointly leverage technology that can streamline back-end operations, like supply chain and transportation to gain economies of scale.

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A panel of eCommerce industry leaders, including Brent Beabout, AirTerra’s president and founder, came together to discuss the challenges and realities of omnichannel fulfillment operations.

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Brent Beabout, president and founder of AirTerra, the last-mile logistics platform… believes that small-and-midsized players are going to have to collaborate going forward and stop seeing tech implementation as a competition if they want to succeed in fulfillment and delivery.


The demand from ecommerce is outpacing the carrier’s capacity to keep up with it. So companies are going to need to diversify to manage the exuberant price escalation that we’re seeing today. And that’s where [we’re seeing] disrupters like AirTerra – they’re providing capacity and carrier diversity in one solution…

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[AirTerra’s] twofold objective is to build the first virtual network linking regional parcel carriers, final-mile providers, and the U.S. Postal Service, and to level the playing field for smaller retailers by giving them cost-effective parcel delivery options to FedEx and UPS…


AirTerra is an innovative logistics company with the capability to deliver packages more quickly, with greater reliability and at lower cost for brands and retailers. The company delivers parcel carrier diversity with a simplified model to provide capacity and flexibility for shippers of all sizes.

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In a move to improve its logistics capabilities, apparel retailer American Eagle Outfitters Inc. acquired startup AirTerra in August.

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With AirTerra, which began shipping American Eagle products at the end of August, American Eagle has been able to cut the supply chain time down by a week and a half.