The Importance of Localized Service

AirTerra has the capability to deliver packages more quickly, with greater reliability and at lower cost for brands and retailers. It delivers parcel carrier diversity with a simplified model to provide capacity and flexibility for shippers of all sizes. AirTerra also provides shippers with more transparency on their items locations by providing real time location tracking of all packages via GPS during the shipping process.

AirTerra provides customer service support for consumers that prefer to work directly with the company shipping their parcels rather than with the brands or underlying carriers. This localized service isn’t just a differentiator for AirTerra in terms of providing reliable, best-in-class delivery for the end-consumer, it’s a market-centric, service-level commitment and mindset catered to each client.

Filling an industry gap in carrier diversity, AirTerra aggregates packages from multiple shippers through its own network in major metropolitan areas. The company’s “point-to-point” network is designed to ship parcels across long zones faster and with a greater degree of control than what is offered through legacy carriers. The end result is shippers will see the time from click-to-deliver reduced along with lower costs for those deliveries.

As global supply chain disruption persists, threatening timely delivery to customers in advance of shippers’ pivotal peak season, AirTerra’s client-approach remains unchanged: providing a local presence, putting customers’ needs first and preparing for the unexpected.

At AirTerra, everywhere there’s a customer, there’s a local rep.

In planning for the 2021 peak season, Adam Cody, AirTerra Customer Operations Manager, partnered closely with his client to align visions and capacities, troubleshoot challenges and create contingency plans.

“At this time, and in this environment, plans can fall through quickly,” Adam notes— and that’s precisely why the AirTerra standard includes providing plans B, C and D… just in case.

A seasoned veteran of the Los Angeles market, Adam not only makes himself accessible to his clients 24/7, but he also offers open office time twice a week and incorporates 1-2 monthly site visits to his customers into his schedule to ensure all needs are being met– and to witness operational workflows firsthand. With his support, the $10B retailer has already successfully delivered more than 250,000 parcels.