The Needless Complexity in the Parcel Industry

Contracts: MSA’s and contracts that run from 75-150 pages and take weeks to negotiate – just so you can send parcels to your customers. And once you’re signed up there are penalties for an early out, but surcharges can be added at the carrier’s pleasure.

Pricing / Surcharges: The runaway surcharge train has left the station! DAS, EDAS, Resi, Peak, Non-Peak, Fuel, oversize, undersize, close zones, longer zones, and future surcharges that we don’t even know about yet. Shippers are going to need PhD mathematicians and actuaries to truly understand their costs!

Audits and Reconciliation: In many cases, shippers do not have any idea of the amount they are paying for parcels until their 3rd party audit firm goes through all the numbers. Where is the simplicity in that?

Labels, Certifications, New Lanes: Just the simple act of onboarding a new carrier, printing a new label, and setting up a new lane is a big investment of time and money. Why does it need to be so complicated? And why so many different labels? Why not one ‘Universal’ label for all shippers?

TnT Calculations: Is it business days or calendar days? Do we include Saturdays or Sundays? Do we deliver to all zips all days or only certain zips certain days? It gets complicated.

Carrier Diversification: Now multiply all of the above simplicity complexity by the number of new carriers a shipper wants/needs to onboard. One thing for sure: it’s going to be complicated, expensive, and time consuming, now and in the future to maintain all of these new contracts.

The solution?

Introducing AirTerra, where ‘Simplicity’ is a pillar of our Ethos. We keep it simple when it comes to contracts, pricing, visibility, onboarding, communications, and responsiveness. We have one contract, expansive last mile capacity, superior service, and support. Give us a call to learn more!