In today’s world, instant gratification is not only possible, but it has become the expectation. However, buying online has also become the norm rather than purchasing at brick-and-mortar locations. This means an inevitable wait for products to arrive. And while ecommerce shipment times have improved over the years, there’s mystery in the interim. Here are a few of the most common customer service questions we get asked after a package ships:

Where is my package?

Or as we call it in the ecommerce industry “WISMO” aka “Where is my order?” Naturally, you want to be able to follow your package’s journey to you from the moment it ships! Full transparency WISMO capability is evolving all the time providing more end to end lines of sight into where your package is at any given moment.

AirTerra’s WISMO page can be found here.

Why do I have multiple tracking numbers for one order?

There are many moving parts within a package journey to you. These are separated into “miles” and consist of first, middle and final (last) mile. Sometimes shipping companies will use several carriers throughout your package’s journey, which is why you might see your initial tracking number provided by your retailer, but two tracking numbers on your package, as one may be the final mile carrier.

AirTerra’s tracking numbers will reflect all “miles” of your package journey even if multiple carriers are used.

I need additional help, what should I do?

While it is nice to have a variety of options to self-serve issues, sometimes you still have a question that is not covered. It is always good to start with the retailer you made your purchase with for the most expedited solution. AirTerra works closely with retail customer service teams to get consumers fast resolutions. At AirTerra, we pass all of our shipping data through to our retail customers for a unified tracking experience!

If you do need to get in touch with AirTerra directly, you can reach us here!